Hi, I'm Cory O'Brien.
I'll write almost anything, and write it well. Before you ask me to write something, maybe you should look at some of my work though.

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Level Designer

"Redfall is an open-world, co-op FPS from Arkane Austin, the award-winning team behind Prey and Dishonored. Continuing Arkane’s legacy of carefully crafted worlds and immersive sims, Redfall brings the studio’s signature gameplay to this story-driven action shooter."

Official Bethesda website


Narrative Designer

A "sinister synthwave social media simulator" that takes place in a spooky pastel house in the future. It features a diverse cast of characters, and explores depression, self-perception, and healing. Winner of an Apple Design Award for Inclusivity, and an IndieCade Narrative Award, among others.



Narrative Designer

An incredibly silly monster-based dating sim for four players. I did a lot of the dialogue.



Lead Narrative Designer

The sequel to Monster Prom! I was the lead narrative designer. There's a tree that smokes cigarettes, it's great.

Steam page


Narrative Designer

A high-velocity aerial combat shooter that also teaches you an important lesson about forgiving yourself. Plus it has a talking cat.

Armor Games website

Tabletop Design

Sometimes I make games. They are always extremely good.

Inhuman Conditions

A two-player tabletop version of the Voight-Kampff test, complete with paperwork.

A Moral Dilemma

A game of tough moral choices.


If you have a fistful of nickels and no patience, this is a very good RPG for you to play.

Hand to Hand Wombat

Build baby towers with your eyes closed, while one of your friends secretly tries to destroy them. Fun for the whole family.


I wrote a couple of books. You can buy them on Amazon.


I've worked with various artists to invent fictional people. These are the people we invented.


He eats eggs – poached, over-easy, deviled, basted, but never scrambled. He cracks them in one hand, with the barest touch of his broad thumbnail. He waters his many plants with a porcelain pitcher. He feeds his cat. Then he sleeps, and dreams of being a hero in a time where strength was treasured.


I have a medium account. So far I have written one thing, and it is about not writing.


How to Not Write
Nov 23

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We got into this “business” because we wanted to pull off the ultimate con: to get paid for doing something we would do anyway, for free. Working when work seems futile transforms our labors of love into unlovable labor. When we turn writing into just another job, we’ve failed at the con  —  we’ve conned ourselves.


The first thing I did on the internet. Myths told like it's 3AM and I'm drunk on chat.


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The Swear of the Month Club

I have made a study of the various ways you can call someone a donk. This series of short essays will dramatically improve your offensive capacity.

"Minced oaths get a bad rap. To self-respecting swearologists, they’re often looked down upon as low-fat, sugar-free swear substitutes. To many of the prudes they’re supposed to placate, even minced oaths are too rude. But to me, an intellectual, minced swears are friggin’ cool as heck, and ruddy interesting to boot. The low-fat/sugar-free analogy is a bad one, actually. Whereas ersatz foods are designed to be almost indistinguishable from their full-flavored counterparts, minced oaths are specifically constructed to avoid being mistaken for the real deal. Consider “fuck” and its most commonly used alternatives..."


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